NAAC Peerteam visit is scheduled from 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14

Value Added Course offered

1 SJVAC2202 :Foundation Course on Astronomy
23. SJVAC2203 : Comprehensive Teacher : A Transformative Approach
3SJVAC2204: Foundation Course on Sustainable Development
4  SJVAC2205: Foundation course on Life Skill 
5SJVAC2206 : Health Education towards Sustainable Wellness
6 SHVAC2207: Origami and Learning Mathematics
7SJVAC2208: An Introduction to Technology Enhanced Instructional Platforms 
8SJVAC22009: Academic Writing
9SJVAC2210: Foundation Course on Home Science
10SJVAC2211: Gender Sensitivity
11 SJVAC2212: Foundation Course on Green Schooling
1SJVAC2101: Foundation Course on Green Education
2SJVAC2102 Fundamentals of  Counselling
3SJVAC2103: Research Ethics and Professional Writing
4SJVAC2104: RICE Leadership Course
5SJVAC2105:  Digi Skills
1SJVAC2001: Climate Education and Curriculum Development
2SJVAC2002: Personality  Development 
3SJVAC2003 Course on Computing skills 
4SJVAC 2004  Technology enhanced classrrooms
5SJVAC 2005 Professional Writing
6SJVAC 2006 Approaches in Value Education 
7SJVAC 2007 Communication Skills
2019-2020 Wealth out of  waste
2018-2019Course on Training in Basic Language skills