The Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell at St Joseph college of Teacher Education for Women,Ernakulam plays a crucial role in fostering a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.


The primary functions of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell include:

Prevention: Conducting awareness programs and workshops to prevent sexual harassment.

Complaint Handling: Receiving, reviewing, and addressing complaints related to sexual harassment.

Policy Implementation: Ensuring the implementation of college policies related to sexual harassment prevention and resolution.

Support and Counseling: Providing support and counseling services to survivors of sexual harassment.


The Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell operates in accordance with the following policies:

Legal Compliance: Ensuring compliance with national and state laws related to sexual harassment.

Activities and Initiatives:

Awareness Campaigns

Training Programs: Information about training sessions for faculty, staff, and students on preventing and addressing sexual harassment.


Antisexual Harassment Policy