NAAC Peerteam visit is scheduled from 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14


Natural science association titled “Silent Spring’’ inspired from the author Rachel Carson book entitled silent spring. Natural science association comprises of seventeen members with three official bearers in the post of president, secretary and treasurer.  Natural science association primarily focus on exhibition and promotion of diverse talents among the young aspiring teachers, to publish the hand manuscript of departmental magazine for the academic year 2023-2024, to foster out the intelligence through direct experiences among individuals, To publish a manuscript of departmental magazine for the academic year 2023-2024 and to celebrate days of international importance that highlight the protection of environmental resources. The convenors of the Natural science association are Dr Dinimol Jacob Assistant Professor, St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women Ernakulam.


  1. To publish a manuscript of departmental magazine for the academic year 2023-2024.
  2. To foster natural intelligence through direct experiences.
  3. To celebrate days of international importance that highlight the protection of environmental resources.



SECRETARY – Aneeta George

TREASURER – Aleena Dennis 


  1. Aleena Dennis
  2. Amrutha A
  3. Aneeta Antony
  4. Aneeta George
  5. Anjana Paul
  6. Aparna Ashokan
  7. Arathi Raj
  8. Devika Saji
  9. Hari Priya A R
  10.  Manasa Das
  11.   Mariya Jose
  12. Nivya Cherian
  13. P R Amrutha
  14. Riya Elizabath K J
  15.  Sreelekha M
  16. Varsha M Nair
  17. Veena K I
  18. Adeline Jospeh
  19. Anna Anannya K P
  20. Anuradha A Pai
  21. Ashna Joseph
  22. Ayisha Beevi C I
  23. Femy Maria Jose
  24. Gopika A G
  25. Jismi Mohan
  26. Maneesha S M
  27. Meera Sankar A
  28. Merin K S
  29. Mrudula Girish
  30. Rajalakshmi R
  31. Sandra Soosan Aby
  32. Sneha P P
  33. Sreelakshmi N
  34. Sreeshna M
  35. Akhitha Sebastian
  36. Angitha Ramachandran
  37. Vyshnavi N Sarma
  38. Meera Susan Kurian
  39. Merin Shajan
  40. Keerthana M S
  41. Dilhana Hussain
  42. Theresa Thankachan
  43. Saniya Simon
  44. Anita Abraham
  45. Ranjima V
  46. Pooja Maria Jacob
  47. Shimna
  48. Shalini P S
  49. Alian Francis
  50. Jeshma Das
  51. Caren Grace

Silent Spring Activities 2023-2024

  1. World Biofuel Day
  2. Organ Donation Day
  3. Talents Day Celebration
  4. World Environmental Health Day

World Biofuel Day

World Biofuel day was celebrated in the college on 10th August 2023 at College Auditorium from 9.00 am to 9.30 am. The Resource persons for the event were P. R Amrutha and Varsha M. Nair, students from Natural science option, who have shared the relevance and need of remembering biofuel day every year. The programme was coordinated under the guidance of Dr. Dinimol Jacob, Assistant professor, Natural science option, St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women. A power point presentation was utilised as an aid for the conduct of the event. The programme was concluded by sharing the relevance of biofuel in the present world and the need for its conservation.


As part of World Organ Donation Day Natural Science Association organized the celebration of the day in our college on 14th august 2023 in the college auditorium. The program was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Dinimol Jacob, assistant professor of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulum. Ms. Arathi Raj introduced Ms. Devika Saji and Ms. Krishnaja M, first-year B. Ed students of natural science, for the presentation. Devika Saji introduced the topic, explained the importance, and aim of organ donation day, and explained about types of organ donation. Krishnaja M explained the living organ donation process and deceased organ donation process, and what the government’s policies are. A video regarding organ donation was presented to impart more awareness. Ms. Manasa Das recited the Organ Donation Day pledge to everyone, and the teachers and students repeated the same. This program was informative and provided awareness about organ donation.


Talent day celebration of natural science optional tilted spotlight was conducted on 23rd August 2023 at college auditorium from 2.00 to 3.00pm to showcase the diverse talents of our students. The instructor of the programme was Dr. Dinimol Jacob, Assistant Professor of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam. Talent day celebration provided a colorful showcase of diverse talents to the audience, proved to be a resounding success, achieving its goal of celebrating the diverse talents. It not only showcased their abilities but also instilled a sense of pride and motivation among students. The events served as a remainder of the importance of nurturing individual talents and providing opportunities for self-expression. The programme ended at 2.45 pm with the vote of thanks by Dr Marin Jose, assistant professor of English option.


World Environmental Health day was celebrated in the campus on 3rd October 2023. The venue for the event was College Auditorium and was organised under the guidance of Dr. Dinimol Jacob, Assistant Professor of Natural Science option, St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women.  The primary objective of the programme was to raise awareness among individuals regarding the issues affecting Environment, the need to protect and conserve it. The theme of the event for the year 2023 was Global Environmental Public Health: Standing up to protect everyone’s Health each and every day. On behalf of the theme Aneeta Antony of Natural science option presented a recitation in tribute to nature and a role play was conducted by the students of Natural Science option stressing the environmental issues occurred at Brahmapuram of Ernakulam District. A group of 9 students were selected for the play (Aneeta Antony, Aneeta George, P. R Amrutha, Aparna Ashokan, Amrutha A, Devika Saji, Anjana Paul, Aleena Dennis and Veena K. I).  The programme was concluded around at 9.20 am with a reminder that Environmental Health is not just a global issue but a local concern that requires the active involvement of individuals, committees and policy makers.

Silent Spring – Activities 2022- 2023

1.Talents Day27th September 2022
2.World Soil Day5th December 2022
3.  Food fest1st November 2022
4.Natural Science Assembly7th December 2023
5.Teaching aid exhibition28th December 2022
6.SUPW Exhibition16th January 2023
7.Field trip24th February 2023
8.World Water Day22nd March 2023
9Magazine Publication31st March 2022