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Code of Conduct for Student Teachers

Acceptance of admission to the institution carries with it the obligation of every student teacher to abide by the rules and regulation put forth by the institution. The intention of this code of conduct is to clarify standard of behaviour essential for the institutions education mission. The code of conduct is applicable to all student teachers.

Student teacher

  1. must consider it as her personal responsibility and duty to attend class daily.
  2. must be in college five minutes before the morning assemble begins.
  3. must seek the permission of the Principal  to enter into the class if late to college.
  4.   must seek permission for leave
  5. must seek permission from the teacher in charge  in absenting oneself for an hour from the class  and if the leave  required is for a half day session then permission must be sought from the Principal.
  6. will have her name  automatically cut off from the rolls for unnotified continuous absence of more than 10 days.
  7. will not entertain visitors  in the college during working hours.
  8. is expected to dress modestly. Tights, leggings, short tops, flimsy clothes, deep necked dresses are not allowed. College Uniform has to be strictly adhered to.
  9. is not allowed to go out of the college campus for lunch during Lunch breaks.
  10. may use electrical and electronic devices in the college only after seeking permission from the Principal
  11. will not resort to making any collections in money or kind for any purpose without the due permission of the Principal .
  12. will have to pay a fine for dirtying the walls or furniture, or damaging the college property.
  13. will need to take permission for conducting any meetings, gathering, or programme in the college prior to the function.
  14. will have to seek prior permission of the Principal to publish any news or matter or article under the name of the college.
  15. will have to seek permission from the principal to be exempted from internal tests and assessments.
  16. resorting to malpractices during examination shall be seriously dealt with.
  17. will take care to be courteous and respectful in her ways and shall not hurt the sentiments of any particular group of people
  18. is expected to put on the identity card while in the college.
  19. will not indulge in anti-institutional, anti-national, anti-social, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the campus. Ragging in any form inside or outside the college campus and hostel is banned.
  20. will provide her whole hearted cooperation and will be present for all the activities organised by the college.

Code of Conduct of Teachers

St Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women expects her teachers to exhibit high standards of professionalism, ethical, and moral integrity, and ethical behaviour in their roles as educators and members of the academic community and has put forward the following code of conduct.

Teachers are

  1. to arrive in college  at least five minutes before the college assembly.
  2. to consider  it their sacred duty to be punctual in class and deliver the content with due preparedness.
  3.  to create a conducive atmosphere for learning in classrooms.
  4.  to be impartial and inclusive in their approach to student.
  5.  to respect their students and be approachable and available to their student.
  6. to engage in professional development programmes and undertake research activities.
  7. to maintain confidentiality in matters relating to students’ records and personal information.
  8. to seek permission for leave from the competent authority  before the day of leave except for unexpected happenings
  1. to abide by the Govt, rules and , Management policies  in matters of services.
  2. to be modest in their dressing and talk.
  3. to maintain a cordial relation with the colleagues, seniors and juniors alike.
  4. to act with honesty and dignity with their with colleagues, staff, and administrators.

Code of Conduct for Administrative Staff

The administrative staff’s actions and attitudes can reflect the culture of the college.    Hence to have a well groomed staff is of utmost importance.

The administrative staff

  1. is to  be courteous and polite in their behaviour  and should maintain a decorum befitting the institution.
  2. must be punctual and should not absent from duty without prior sanction from the authorities.
  3. should perform his/her duties efficiently keeping to the Government, University and Institution’s rules and regulations.
  4. should maintain a welcoming atmosphere in the office and maintain  a cordial relation with all for the smooth running of the institution.
  5. should not discriminate any staff, student or public on ground of caste , creed, religion, sex, social or cultural background.
  6. should keep themselves updated through training programme, workshops and skill development activities.
  7. should not involve either directly or indirectly in any form of business /external assignments during their service.
  8. should extend their whole hearted support in all the activities related to the academic and administrative matters.
  9. should strictly avoid divulge official secrets, mutilate, expunge, conceal, alter of forge official documents of receipts. They must not intercept or misappropriate college resources.
  10. should be loyal towards the management and should respect and maintain the hierarchy in the administration.