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The student community has a Student Union elected by the students who play a lead role in organizing and conduct of various activities for students. They meet on a regular basis and chalk out plans for the various cultural and sports activities. They also provide the necessary support for the smooth conduct of the various programme by deploying students into various committees.

For better mobilization of student activities there are Four Houses namely- Mahathma, Tagore, Radhakrishna and Nehru House and each house has a leader and 5 clubs namely Anti Narcotics Club, Eco Club, Health Club, Social Service Club and Women’s cell. All the students belong to some or the other house and club. The Editorial Board of the college Magazine also has their participation.

Students Union (2015-2016)

Motto: Through God All Things’

ChairpersonSavannah Xavier
Vice ChairpersonAnjukrishna R
General SecretaryCelin neenu
University Union councilorSusan Raju
Arts Club SecretaryNeenu Ancillo
Magazine EditorAsmin N
SC/ST Student’s RepresentativeNeeshma M M
Sports CaptainNithya Gabriel

Students Union (2016-2017)

Motto: ‘Nithyam Yato Subhodayam’

ChairpersonCarron Francis
Vice ChairpersonSherin S Simon
General SecretaryTania Anton
University Union councilorChinnu Lawrence
Arts Club SecretarySyamli K
Magazine EditorJosy P Jose
SC/ST Student’s RepresentativeRenu M
Sports CaptainMinu Sebastian

Students Union (2017-2018)

Motto: ‘To Light through Goodness’

ChairpersonMinu Basil
Vice ChairpersonMeenu R S
General SecretarySagara S
Arts Club SecretaryDella C.S
University Union councilorUma Maria
Magazine EditorDilshana Ismail
SC/ST student’s RepresentativeArya Thyagarajan
Sports CaptainChristeena A.J
M.Ed Representative–  Raji K.M & Pooja Jolly
II Year B.ED RepresentativeAarthi T.R
I Year B.Ed RepresentativeMariaanjali Joseph

Students Union (2018-2019)

Motto: ‘Rise to Raise the Future’

1.Chairperson– Ansina P  
2.Vice chairperson– Rosmin Joseph  
3.General Secretary– Greeshma Rose  
4.Arts Club Secretary– Reshma Prakash  
5.Magazine Editor–  Ritu Jose  
6.University Union councilor– Dhanalekshmi T.D  
7.Sports Captain– ChristeenaA.J  
8.M.Ed Representative– Thejus Paul  
9.II Year B.ED Representative– Jinu Rose  
10.I Year B.Ed Representative– Anna Peter  
11.SC/ST student’s Representative-Lisanta Shivan  

Students Union (2019-2020)

Motto:  ‘Ultimo Lavoro’ (Strive for Highest).  

1.Chairperson– Sara Stephen  
2.Vice chairperson– Sneha Mol KJ  
3.General Secretary– Linet Maria K  
4.Arts Club Secretary– Amrutha K H  
5.Magazine Editor–  Swanila N S  
6.University Union councilor– Sisira S  
7.Sports Captain– Abhilash K P  
8.M.Ed Representative– Smrithi Mohan  
9.II Year B.ED Representative– Chandhini  Babu  
10.I Year B.Ed Representative– Neethu Peter  
11.SC/ST student’s Representative-Sithara Joshy  

Students Union 2021-2022

1.Chairperson– Anakha T 
2.Vice chairperson– Dona k Jose  
3.General Secretary– Leatitia Joshy
4.Arts Club Secretary– Jomol Babu 
5.Magazine Editor–  Liya Baby 
6.University Union councilor– Mariya Jessneela
7.Sports Secretary– Anila Shaju  
8.1sr year Representative– Reshma Francis 
9.II Year Representative– Anjana
10.MEd I Year Representative– Bivya Sreekumar 
11.MEd II Year Representative– Sharel Joseph Lopez
12.SC/ST student’s Representative– Akshya KS  

Students union 2022-2023

Motto: La luminosita

1.Chairperson– Nimmy Elizabeth George 
2.Vice chairperson– Sneha P P  
3.General Secretary– Aparna Shaji
4.Arts Club Secretary– Muhzina Muhammad Basheer
5.Magazine Editor–  Rachel Berkumon 
6.University Union councilor– Rose Mary Jose
7.Sports Secretary– Vrinda Suresh  
8.1sr year BEd Representative– Anagha Mary
9.II Year BEdRepresentative– Ankitha
10.MEd I Year Representative– Athira Raju
11.MEd II Year Representative– Steffy Mendez
12.SC/ST student’s Representative– Anagha R  

Students Union 2023-24