NAAC Peerteam visit is scheduled from 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14

The EDUFOCUS,   A Peer Reviewed Research Journal in Educations with:  ISSN No. 2347-646X printed and published by Principal /Chief Editor  St. Joseph  College of Teacher Education  for Women, Ernakulam. It is a bi-annual publication (June and December issues).  Its purpose is to promote scholarship and discourse about research and related areas in education.  The Journal welcomes and encourages original research based papers, articles expression, perception, reviews and case studies. Its manuscripts explore empirical, theoretical, practical, or applied aspects of Education.  Edufocus offers a forum for discussion and the presentation of ideas, theory, and research. More than half of the papers will be from empirical research and rest include articles, expression, perception, case studies and reviews.

Guidelines to authors

  • Article shall be titled containing name and address of the author including e-mail.
  • Article manuscripts, including notes and references, should range between 2,000 and 2500 words, and must include a 150-word abstract at the beginning of the document.
  • Article shall be typed in A4 paper on one side in Times New Roman 14 size Double Spaced and 1 inch margins in MS word . Failing to follow these guidelines can cause a delay to the processing of your manuscript.
  • References shall be in APA style. Authors should ensure that articles are plagiarism free.
  • Papers can be submitted to Chief Editor, Edufocus, St Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Kovilvattom Road, Ernakulam -682035, Kerala, India.
  • The article shall be mailed to
  • A letter of undertaking of authors that the papers submitted to Edufocus have not been published previously and not presently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that all listed authors have approved the manuscript.
  • The articles selected after peer evaluation will be selected for publication. In such cases the author shall remit Rs.1000 as publication fee on intimation. For more than one author, the first author will have to pay Rs.1000 and subsequent authors will have Rs.700.