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In the timeless words of  Havelock Ellis “Mathematics is the most creative of all the arts; its poems are made with not words, but with ideas.” Reflecting this regality, PI-RATES, the Mathematics Association of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam, stands as a dynamic hub under the adept guidance of Dr. Sr. Betty P. J. and Dr. Joby Joy Kurian. The association embark on a profound journey of discovery, collaboration, and appreciation for the intricate beauty that mathematics offers.


  •  Instill a sense of curiosity and appreciation for mathematics among students and faculty members within the association.
  •  Create opportunities for members to share and learn mathematical knowledge and skills through workshops, discussions, and collaborative learning initiatives.
  • Establish a platform, possibly through a dedicated association publication, to highlight the achievements and innovations within the mathematics community.
  • Organize events and activities to celebrate international days and National Mathematics Day, promoting awareness and understanding of the significance of mathematics.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary exploration by fostering collaborations between the Mathematics Association and other departments, creating a space for the integration of mathematical concepts into various academic disciplines.


President: Giya George

Secretary: Jomol Joy

Treasurer: Arathy Cherian


1. Anaswara Vinod KV

2. Aparna S. S

3. Arathy Cherian

4. Athira S

5. Dhanya K. J

6. Diya Thomas

7. Giya George 

8. Gopika Premkumar

9. Jomol Joy  

10. Megha.C

11. Midhila Sasindran

12. Neenu Joy

13. Riya Vincent

14. Sreelekshmi.S

15.Swiss Johnson

ACTIVITIES 2023 – 24

World youth Day

Talents day



The vibrant spirit of youth was celebrated with great enthusiasm during the International Youth Day event, Blaze 2K23, organized by the Mathematics Association of our college. The event was held on August August, 2023 and it commenced with the distribution of badges to students as well as teachers to acknowledge the significant role that youth play in shaping our world’s future.

Arathy Cherian kicked off the event highlighting the concerns and hopes of the younger generation. Giya George, Megha C, Swiss Johnson, Dhanya K.J. and Neenu Joy presented a vibrant dance which was a reflection of the strength, determination, and unity that define the youth of today. Thereafter, Aparna S.S. took the stage to demonstrate the theme of the day through a presentation. Afterwards, Giya George, Megha C, Swiss Johnson, Dhanya K.J., Neenu Joy, Gopika Premkumar, Riya Vincent, Aparna S.S., Arathy Cherian and Sreelakshmi S came together to express the spirit of youth day through the universal language of dance. Later on, an adorable video, edited by Arathy Cherian was presented which was a reminder that young individuals are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but they also have the power to make a difference today.

Throughout the event, a resounding message of empowering youth emerged. The International Youth Day celebration was a resounding success, serving as a reminder of the limitless potential that young people hold. The event not only acknowledged the challenges faced by youth but also celebrated their resilience, innovation, and determination to create positive change. As we move forward, let us continue to support and empower the youth, recognizing that they are key drivers of progress and transformation on a global scale.

Talents day

Talent and Creativity: “Lessor de l’Art” Math Showcase and the Engaging Drama at Joseph College The auditorium at Joseph College radiated with energy on the 22nd of August, as the whole college came together to celebrate the much-anticipated Talent Day. Amid the  three-day festivity from the 21st to the 23rd of August, the event’s spotlight shone  brightly on math talents, and this year it was aptly named “Lessor de l’Art.” Under the playful moniker of Math Association “Pirates,” the talented minds of the  college ingeniously designed a comedy drama titled “Mandodharante  Mandatharangal.” This engaging narrative reimagined the story of a wicked king’s  darbar. In this whimsical rendition, each student’s unique talent was portrayed as that of  a commoner, performed before the king’s discerning gaze. This theatrical ploy was ingeniously devised to secure a coveted job appointment within the palace. The drama was a delightful tapestry of comical encounters and engaging interactions.  The talents of the students were seamlessly woven into the storyline, creating a soothing and harmonious blend of entertainment. The performance was not only a testament to  the students’ artistic abilities but also their collaborative spirit and creativity. Following the drama, the stage underwent a mesmerizing transformation as a captivating group dance unfolded. The dynamic choreography and synchronized  movements further amplified the event’s vibrancy, leaving the audience enthralled. The impact of this drama extended far beyond the stage. Among the student community, it created a ripple of excitement and camaraderie. The collaborative efforts that went into the production fostered a sense of unity and mutual appreciation for one another’s talents. In conclusion, the Talent Day program at Joseph College was a remarkable celebration of the diverse talents and creative ingenuity that define the institution. The “Lessor de l’Art” theme for the math talent segment and the ingenious drama “Mandodharante Mandatharangal” left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all who witnessed it. The event was a reminder of the power of creativity to unite, inspire, and bring joy to the college community

Curacion -NSS Inauguration & Orientation

NSS Inauguration and orientation programme – “Curacion” was organized by the NSS Unit of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women (Unit no.247), Ernakulam and Mathematics association on 20th October, 2023 from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. The programme was conducted for the first year B.Ed. students of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam. Dr. Ceby George, Assistant Professor in General Education at St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam was the faculty organizer of the programme. The resource person for the programme was Dr. E.N. Sivadasan, NSS Program Coordinator, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.The programme started exactly at 11.30 AM in the Multipurpose Hall and was coordinated by the students of Mathematics optional. Arathy Cheriyan hosted the entire workshop elegantly. The ceremony began with a prayer song by Midhila Sasindran and Anaswara Vinod. The prayer was succeeded by the welcome speech delivered by Giya George officially welcoming the resource person and all the participants to the program. It was followed by the lamp lightning session and thereafter Mrs. Ceby George, Assistant Professor in Education, formally introduced the chief guest of the programme, Dr. E.N. Sivadasan. As a token of love and respect from St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam, the resource person, Dr. E.N. Sivadasan was honored with Ponnada by Dr. Alice Joseph, Principal of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam.Later on, the orientation class was satisfactorily given by Dr. E.N. Sivadasan. He instilled values such as selflessness, empathy, and a sense of social responsibility in volunteers to motivate them to actively participate in community service. He also explained the code of conduct and ethical guidelines that volunteers should adhere to during their service. The orientation also focussed on the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for carrying out community service effectively, such as communication skills, problem-solving, and project management.

The orientation class was succeeded by a mesmerizing aerobics performance by the students of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam. The entire programme concluded at 1.30 p.m. with the vote of thanks delivered by Aneetta Sebin of the English optional. On behalf of this programme, a campus cleaning drive was also organized in the afternoon session in which the students participated actively under the guidance of Dr.Ceby George.