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Josephites in the Community JIC

Parallel to the intellectual pursuits, the creation of a just society respecting the individual dignity, nurturing secular values and religious harmony and reaching out to the needy without any discrimination predicate our institutional ethos. A social concern is developed through the extension programme of the institution known by the name JIC (JOSEPHITES IN THE COMMUNITY ).

Harnessing Optimism and Potential through Education ‘HOPE’ is an extension activity initiated by the institution in 2015 and it is meant to cater to the needs of the Government  children’s Home (Girls) , Kakanad, Ernakulam,   a rehabilitation center  for children ( girls) in need of care and protection. The children of the home have very low self esteem and have a number of emotional problems. They are also low achievers. Dr Rosamma Thomas and Sicily A A are the coordinators of the programme.  Prior sanction from the District collector is sought and in consultation with the authorities of the Home, the programme for the year is chalked out. The programme is undertaken to engage the students of the Children’s Home fruitfully during the vacation helping them in their academics as well as helping to develop a balanced personality. Every year a number of activities are planned and executed. Our faculty and student teachers voluntarily teach and contribute to the personality development of the children. Special emphasis is laid on clarifying the academic doubts of these children and motivating them towards learning.  The spirits of the children are boosted and they are also engaged in various personality development programmes.

 ‘Jagaran’ means awakening is yet another extension programme initiated by the institution in 2017. It is a Drama based Drugs campaign enriched with interactive sessions like Music, Game, Quiz, and other activities that the children and youth can join which will popularize drug-free living. This programme is a simple, effective and a sincere initiative for awakening and empowering children and youth to choose a life without drugs.

The play is based on a poem “laharikku Parayuvan ullathu” written by Sri K Ganesh, Senior Grade Civil Excise Officer, and Resource Person of ”Vimukthi”, a Govt. Project against Drug Abuse ,Excise Depatment,  Malappuram. The poem reveals the severity of drug abuse. The thoughtful ideas are communicated to the audience through the central characters “lahari” (evil), drug prevention agent (Divine Power) and also through the characters like women, children, adults and the youth using the drugs and its aftermath. The length of the drama is 30 minutes duration including an interactive session. This package against Drug Abuse is a noble endeavour to educate the children and youth about the dangers of drugs and what havoc it can do to an individual .As we know, more and more people, are falling a prey to this social evil, specially the school going children and youth, so, we as teachers have a key role in the society to be educators against substance abuse.

Report of College Outreach Activities

Over the past five years, our college has been actively engaged in a wide range of outreach activities aimed at fostering community engagement and addressing various social and environmental issues. These efforts demonstrate our institution’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on society and promoting holistic well-being. The outreach activities of the college have been organized, showcasing the dedication and effort of our institution to be closely connected with the community.

Outreach Activities:

Our outreach activities have covered a diverse set of themes, reflecting our commitment to addressing a wide array of societal concerns. These activities include:

Outreach activity that focused on helping school children overcome language barriers in using Malayalam effectively, Outreach programs addressing local issues and community needs, We extended our support to flood-affected areas, providing assistance and relief to affected communities, Outreach programs to provide care and support to the mentally challenged individuals, Programmes that aimed at promoting academic excellence and environmental consciousness through various initiatives. Outreach activities that were designed to promote experiential learning, sustainability, inclusivity, and empathy, Awareness campaigns against drugs, Programmes that promoted awareness, education, and actions against HIV/AIDS, food distribution drives for needy families, Initiatives that were undertaken to raise awareness about disabilities and improve accessibility,  tutoring and support to children in need, ensuring they receive proper education, Outreach programmes  that focused on raising environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable practices. Programmes to support senior citizens’ well-being and care, Classes that were organized to educate children on basic hygiene practices, We provided nutritious meals to individuals experiencing hunger on the streets, Our institution actively participated in restoring and cleaning up school and community libraries, and Multiple outreach efforts were undertaken to raise awareness about dengue fever.

The extensive list of outreach activities organized by our college over the last five years showcases our institution’s dedication and commitment to being an active participant in the community. These initiatives have addressed a wide range of issues, from education and health to environmental conservation and social inclusion. Through these efforts, our college has made a significant and positive impact on society, emphasizing our commitment to holistic well-being and community engagement.

URVI-Extension programme in support of tribal group Malapandaram

Energy conservation awareness program in railway stations

Children’s day celebration

Cleaning service to schools

Humanitarian Rally

No to drugs-Antinarcotic activity

Public road cleaning

Support to old age home