NAAC Peerteam visit is scheduled from 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14


Amidst the escalating global challenge of narcotics abuse, the Anti-Narcotics Club stands as a beacon of hope, commitment, and action in our community’s relentless pursuit to combat this pervasive menace. The Anti-Narcotics Club of St Joseph College of Teacher Education for women Ernakulam, 2023 – 24 comprises of twenty two members with three official bearers in the post of president, vice president and secretary. The Anti-Narcotics Club serves as a vital platform dedicated to combating the detrimental effects of drug abuse within our community. With a steadfast commitment to education, prevention, and intervention, the club aims to mitigate the widespread impact of narcotics by fostering awareness and providing support to those affected. The convener’s of the Anti-Narcotics Club are Dr. Smitha Jose ,Dr. Sr Betty PJ and Dr. Sr Sicily Antony, St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women Ernakulam.


  • To develop comprehensive educational programs aimed at informing individuals, especially the youth, about the dangers of narcotics, their effects on health, and their impact on society.
  • To initiate and implement preventive measures such as organizing workshops, seminars, and campaigns to discourage drug experimentation and addiction while promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To offer support systems and resources for individuals struggling with substance abuse, facilitating their rehabilitation and reintegration into society through counseling, guidance, and access to treatment programs.


 President – Aneeta Antony

Vice president – Sr Aneesha

Secretary –  Elizabeth Soniya


  1. Anagha
  2. Sony
  3. Akshara
  4. Jinsley
  5. Liliya
  6. Aneesha
  7. Vivya
  8. Dhanya
  9. Sona Mathew
  10. Aleena Augustine
  11. Naseeha Farsana
  12. Devika Saji
  13. Aneeta Antony
  14. P R Amrutha
  15. Aparna Asokan
  16. Neenu
  17. Athira
  18. Megha
  19. Arathi J
  20. Elizabeth Sonia
  21. Vismaya M T
  22. Sanjana M



A flash mob was organized by the Anti-Narcotics Club of. St Joseph college of teacher education for women Ernakulam, in association with the Vimukthi Mission on 22 September 2023 at 9 am in CSA turf, Edappally. Students performed a beautiful flashmob under the coordination of Dr Smitha Jose and Dr. Sr Sisily Antony.