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The English association titled “Kaizen’’inspired from the Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement, stands as a beacon for individuals impassioned by the eloquence of the English language and the richness of its literary tapestry. Rooted in a shared love for the written and spoken word, our association is a vibrant community of scholars, educators, students, and enthusiasts dedicated to the exploration, appreciation, and celebration of English language and literature in all its forms. The association comprises eighteen members with three official bearers in the post of president, secretary and treasurer. The English association primarily focuses on exhibition and promotion of diverse talents among the young aspiring teachers in the department,publishing a handwritten manuscript of departmental magazine for the academic year, fostering a love for the English language and literature, encouraging the study and appreciation of English literary works, and celebrating days of international importance that highlight the preservation and appreciation of literary heritage. The conveners of the English association are Dr. Alice Joseph, Principal and Dr. Marin Jose, Associate Professor,St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women Ernakulam.


  1. To foster a love for the English language and literature, and encourage the study and appreciation of English literary works.
  2. To celebrate days of international importance that highlight the preservation and appreciation of literary heritage.


PRESIDENT – Adila Firoz

SECRETARY – Leenu Merin Thomas

TREASURER – Neol Graceson


  1. Adila Firoz
  2. Akshara Joseph
  3. Anagha R
  4. Angitha Raj
  5. Aneeta Sebin
  6. Jinsley Elezabath Johns
  7. Jishamol Mathew
  8. Jothika Jayachandran
  9. Neol Graceson
  10. Rajasree Nair
  11. Resmi Rejimon
  12. Riya Thomas
  13. Seethal Jeevan
  14. Sona K S
  15. Sony Joseph
  16. Sruthi Sunil
  17. Stephanet M S
  18. Varsha Lakshmi M
  19. Akhila M Nair
  20. Akshaya T G
  21. Amalu K
  22. Anagha R
  23. Anargha Mary
  24. Dona Maria
  25. Jeena Elsa John
  26. Jesna Joseph
  27. Leenu Merin Thomas
  28. Margret Benitta V J
  29. Megha Madhu
  30. Minu Mary
  31. Neha Babu
  32. Nimmy Elizabeth George
  33. Rachel Berkumon
  34. Remya P . T
  35. Swathi.M


  1. Talents Day Celebration
  2. Teacher’s Day Celebration
  3. World Suicide Prevention Day and Inauguration of Jeevani


Talents day celebration of English optional tilted Rhapsody was conducted on 23rd August 2023 at college auditorium from 2.00 pm to showcase the diverse talents of our students. The instructor of the programme was Dr. Marin Jose, Associate Professor of St. Joseph College of Teacher Education for Women, Ernakulam.The celebration of Talents Day offered a vibrant display of a variety of talents to the audience and emerged as a highly successful event, effectively accomplishing its objective of honouring diverse abilities. The occasion not only highlighted the skills of participants but also cultivated a feeling of pride and inspiration among students. The various events served as a reminder of the significance of fostering individual talents and creating avenues for self-expression. The programme ended at 3.00 pm with the vote of thanks by Dr. Joby Joy Kurian, assistant professor of Mathematics option.


The celebration of Teachers’ Day took place on September 5, 2023 from 9:15 am to 11 am at the college auditorium. This significant event was orchestrated by the English Association under the banner “Kaizen” in collaboration with NSS unit no. 247. The esteemed Chief Guest for the occasion was Sr. Akhil C P, Sub Inspector of Central Police Station. Adila Firoz, the association president skillfully hosted the event. The program commenced with a moment of silent reflection, setting a solemn tone. A warm welcome note followed, extending heartfelt greetings to Rev. Dr. Sr. Alice Joseph, the principal of St. Joseph College, along with the teaching and non-teaching staff, and all the students. Rev Dr. Sr. Alice Joseph then delivered the Presidential Address. The ceremonial lighting of the lamp was accompanied by the Inaugural address and Teachers’ Day message from Chief Guest Sr. Akhil C P. Stephanet M S of I B.Ed. English presented the Teachers’ Day Speech, followed by a musical performance by Adila Firoz. As a token of appreciation, special gift cards and personalised notes were presented to all the teachers. The formal proceedings concluded with a Vote of Thanks. To add a touch of excitement, an engaging game was organized for all the teachers, adding a festive and participatory element to the celebration.


The World Suicide Prevention Day was conducted by the English Association in association with NSS Unit No. 247 on September 11, 2023, at 9 a.m. in the college auditorium. A comprehensive awareness class was conducted for students, aiming to equip them with knowledge and resources to recognize and address mental health challenges.The session proved to be highly impactful, fostering understanding and empathy among the student body. The association conducted awareness classes for students throughout the week during the assemblies conducted by the association, and the students took an oath of suicide prevention. The English association conducted an aerobics session for all students thereafter.

On September 14, 2023, the college counselling resource person, Ms. Abirami O. U., gave a speech on the need for mental health awareness and inaugurated the counselling facility “Jeevani” in the college. A counseling facility is provided at the college every Thursday.


Sl. no.ProgrammeDate
 Talents Day Celebration23rd August 2023
 Teachers Day CelebrationSeptember 5, 2023
 World Suicide Prevention Day11 September 2023
 English Optional Assembly11–15 September 2023
 Inauguration of Jeevani14 September 2023
 English Optional Assembly25-28 October 2023