We strive for the integral liberation of women through life oriented education, transforming the student to be responsible citizens who respond proactively to the global challenges with courage and commitment, build a just social order, and be stewards of this universe.

Multi-skill development Programme titled as SKID is identified as one of the Best Practices of this institution. Reading the signs of the time and realizing the need to equip the students to face the competitions in the global world, the institution strives to empower her students with the latest trends in education and life skills.

The Objectives Of The Practice Are:-

1. To provide holistic formation in the light of Christian principles inculcating spiritual, cultural, social and ethical values

2. To promote academic excellence in par with international standards

3. To promote a research culture and thus be continuously engaged in the process of lifelong learning effecting improvement and growth

4. To foster an atmosphere for potential development of competencies and skills through innovative creative and entrepreneurial approaches

The institution strives to fulfill these objectives in the following ways:

1. To Provide For A Holistic Formation Various Programmes Are Organized Like

  • daily prayer in morning Assembly. The Morning assembly is conducted daily by both the B.Ed and M.Ed students. The B.Ed students are given charge optional wise to conduct the assembly for a week and they take turns in doing it. Both first and second years participate in it.
  • retreats and renewal programmes
  • talks by priests and swamis
  • sensitization of Social Issues by awareness classes
  • celebration of festivals
  • value education and moral classes
  • training in preparation of Value Education Lesson plans
  • On 25 th August the Malayalam optional students conducted the Onam celebrations at 3’o’ clock. The chief Guest was Mr. Abijith Kannur, a flute player.

2. To Promote Academic Excellence

  • different instructional methods like cooperative learning, peer tutoring, lecture, demonstration, ICT integrated teaching are included as per the learning requirements of the students.
  • opportunities for interaction with eminent educationists – both national and international.
  • accessibility to learning resources like library books, CD’s, lesson notes prepared by the teacher educators , internet resources and journals.

3. To Promote A Research Culture

  • participation in conferences, workshops and seminars at international, national and local levels, to keep abreast and to enhance research skills.
  • the institution motivates its student teachers to present papers in National and International Seminars and publish their research articles in the leading peer reviewed journals
  • a number of research journals especially peer reviewed journals are subscribed to the library. Library is networked with INFLIBNET and Digital Library and access is available to the staff and students. Students can also access e-journals through N-List. A number of books on research methodology and statistics, Minor research projects and M.Ed, Ph.D thesis have been added to the library.
  • the student teachers are encouraged to take up action research, case study, community based projects on relevant social issues, psychological testing, journal review writing etc.

4. For Potential Development Of Competencies And Skills

  • workshops and classes are organized on communication skills, personality development programmes and training in the use of ICT supported teaching- learning process, e-learning, web based instruction and creation of blogs are given.
  • orientation to life skills and soft skills that are necessary to cope up with the contemporary world are given.
  • classes in stress management techniques, theatre arts, yoga, concentration techniques and methods are provided
  • a number of programs to improve and develop the teaching skills of students are organized like practice in the micro teaching skills, demonstration and criticism classes, innovative lessons, workshops on teaching strategies and methods, preparation of teaching aids , peer teaching, internship programme etc. Student teachers are trained in infusing value components and various issues through teaching of their subjects and apply the principle of correlation in teaching during practice teaching sessions.
  • participation of students are ensured in associations, club activities,
  • participation in youth festival, sports, literary competitions held at intra and inter collegiate levels are encouraged.
  • continuous guidance and directions are given to those in need.
  • To acquire reflective skills the students At U.G. level are trained in writing (i) Personal History (iii) Reflection on all lessons given during Induction, Internship in a specific format. (iv) Reflection of the activities of the college
    At P.G. level the students write Reflective Diary on (i) overall experiences of the first semester and (ii) experiences of their data collection.

Josephites in the Community JIC

Parallel to the intellectual pursuits, the creation of a just society respecting the individual dignity, nurturing secular values and religious harmony and reaching out to the needy without any discrimination predicate our institutional ethos. A social concern is developed through the extension programme of the institution known by the name (JOSEPHITES IN THE COMMUNITY ).

The Objectives Of The Practice Are:-

1. To provide holistic formation in the light of Christian principles inculcating spiritual, cultural, social and ethical values

1. To develop teachers who are sensitive to social issues and work for empowering the weaker sections of society , women, children and the marginalized

2. To motivate students towards environmental issues and sustainable development

3. To instill patriotism in student teachers.

The institution strives to fulfill these objectives

1. To Develop Teachers Who Are Sensitive To Social Issues And Work For Empowering The Weaker Sections Of Society

  • active participation of students in various activities like outreach programmes, visits to special schools, children’s home, juvenile home, adoption of school, are ensured.
  • participation in a number of community awareness programmes such as State Youth Festival, Social Science and Science exhibitions, Work Experience, Protest Rally on Social issues, Rally’s organized on AIDS Awareness Day, World Environment Day, Human Rights Day, World Literacy Day etc. are encouraged.
  • distribution of dress and food packets to those in need
  • visits to rehabilitation centers, Government hospitals and distribution of food, clothes and monetary help to the inmates there under the leadership of Social Service Club of the college are organized
  • classes on rights and duties of women in family and society and also health awareness for the women of the society are planned and taken
  • participation in various programmes like survey, exhibitions, debates and competitions on various themes related to current social problems are promoted.

2. To Motivate Students Towards Environmental Issues And Sustainable Development

  • various activities of the Nature club like celebration of the days like world environment day
  • provision for taking Environmental Education as an Elective subject in the M.Ed. and B.Ed. Programmes
  • enlightening others about environmental issues during their practice teaching sessions
  • Environmental issues are dealt within the elective classes of Environmental Education.
  • Students engage in keeping their class and campus clean, in planting medicinal plants and maintaining the greenery of the campus.
  • To learn from nature and learn the lessons of living together and other social lessons excursions are organised every year for both B. Ed and M.Ed students.

3. To Instill Patriotism

  • talks and Seminars on the Philosophy of Nation, Constitutional Values are arranged
  • days of National importance are celebrated
  • CD’s and videos on patriotism are played
  • National Festivals are celebrated
  • National Festivals are celebrated
  • competitions on patriotic songs are organized

role plays and skits that promote patriotism are staged.

5. Opened for Personality Development and Education ‘HOPE’ is an extension activity initiated by the institution in 2015 and it is meant to cater to the needs of the Government children’s Home (Girls) , Kakanad, Ernakulam, a rehabilitation center for children ( girls) in need of care and protection. The children of the home have very low self esteem and have a number of emotional problems. They are also low achievers. Dr Rosamma Thomas and Sicily A A are the coordinators of the programme. Prior sanction from the District collector is sought and in consultation with the authorities of the Home, the programme for the year is chalked out. The programme is undertaken to engage the students of the Children’s Home fruitfully during the vacation helping them in their academics as well as helping to develop a balanced personality. Every year a number of activities are planned and executed. Our faculty and student teachers voluntarily teach and contribute to the personality development of the children. Special emphasis is laid on clarifying the academic doubts of these children and motivating them towards learning. The spirits of the children are boosted and they are also engaged in various personality development programmes.

6. ‘Jagaran’ means awakening is yet another extension programme initiated by the institution in 2017. It is a Drama based Drugs campaign enriched with interactive sessions like Music, Game, Quiz, and other activities that the children and youth can join which will popularize drug-free living. This programme is a simple, effective and a sincere initiative for awakening and empowering children and youth to choose a life without drugs. The play is based on a poem “laharikku Parayuvan ullathu” written by Sri K Ganesh, Senior Grade Civil Excise Officer, and Resource Person of ”Vimukthi”, a Govt. Project against Drug Abuse ,Excise Depatment, Malappuram. The poem reveals the severity of drug abuse. The thoughtful ideas are communicated to the audience through the central characters “lahari” (evil), drug prevention agent (Divine Power) and also through the characters like women, children, adults and the youth using the drugs and its aftermath. The length of the drama is 30 minutes duration including an interactive session. This package against Drug Abuse is a noble endeavour to educate the children and youth about the dangers of drugs and what havoc it can do to an individual .As we know, more and more people, are falling a prey to this social evil, specially the school going children and youth, so, we as teachers have a key role in the society to be educators against substance abuse.