Multi Skilled Development Programmes (SKID) for the Student teachers and the Extension services rendered by the institution by the name Josephites in the Community (JIC) are identified as the Best practices of the institution.

In The Year 2017-2018 The Following Programmes Were Conducted To Fulfill The Objectives Of Mukti Skill Development Programme (SKID) :-

1. Daily prayer in morning assembly.

2.Training in value integrated and ICT integrated classes for Second Year B.Ed Students in June 2017.

3. Talents day for freshers 01/08/2017, 02/08/2017, 03/08/2017.

4. Training in the use of SMART BOARD in the month of August for first Year B.Ed student teachers.

5. Training in creating Blog for the First year B.Ed student teachers use in the month of August.

6. Micro teaching session, Demonstration and Criticism classes were arranged in the month of November for the First Year B.Ed Students.

7. Value integrated lesson plans were taught to the second year B.Ed students in June 2017.

8. Workshop on teaching aids in June 2017for the second Year B.Ed students

9. To acquire reflective skills the students were trained in reflective journal writing.

10. Workshop on self assessment tool 01/10/2017 for the Second Year B.Ed students .

11. Value based Classes by Padmanabha Swami for the first year B.Ed and M.ED students on 23/10/2017.

12. Training in yoga on 08, 09,10,11/08/2017

13. Workshop on Theatre Arts by Fr Thomas Nagelimalil on 07/08/2017 , 08/08/2017 /09/08/2017, 11/08/2017

14. Workshop on Soft skill training by Mr. Benny Mathew (Dpty. Chief of Guidance Bureau , CUSAT) and Mr. Jiss Varghese on 25/10/2017 for the Second Year B.Ed student teachers

15. Sanjo International Lecture series Teacher for Social renaissance need of the era. Dr Premkumar Khatri, former Prof. Tribhuvan Univ. Nepal, Dr V. Raghu, Dr.V. M Sasi Kumar on 28/10/2017. The English Optional students participated in it.

16. Class by Oncologist Dr Gangadharan Lakeshore Hospital on 14/12/2017for the first and second year B.Ed and M.Ed students.

17. Class by Kanakammaon Naturopathy on 17/01/2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

18. Training in Communicative English and language lab sessions for the Second years were organized in January 2018

19. Sports day on 18/01/2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

20. Five day community living camp from 22nd to 26th of January 2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

21. Training in making Short film/documentary by Sr Aleena on 24/01/2018 for the second year B.Ed students.

22. Interaction with transgenders on 25/01/2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers .

23. Arts day celebration 09/02/2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

24. Class on road safety rules by sri. Anandhalal Circle Inspector, Ernaklam Central Police station on 21/02/2018 for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

25. Class on ‘Values of Family Life’ on 24/01/2018 by Dr Sheela Paul , Retd HOD, Home Science department , St Teresa’s College, Ernakulam for the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

26. Spiritual Revival by Sr Vineetha and VJRC Team from 08/03/2018to 10/03 2018 for the first and Second year B.Ed student teachers.

Obstacles Faced If Any And Strategies Adopted To Overcome Them

Most of the programmes were organized separately for the Ist and 2 nd Year Students. Both the Batches could not benefit from the same programmes as having both the batches together in the college campus at the same time was only for short periods of time. Hence it was decided to repeat those programmes that were fund truly beneficial for the groups.

Impact Of The Practice:

As envisaged, the programmes helped the students to realize their hidden talents, develop organizing skills, improve their teaching skills and competencies get familiarised with ICT tools, learn yoga, basics of theatre arts, develop research skills, enhance their confidence , appreciate cultural diversities, grow in faith etc.

The Following Programmes Were Organized Under The Extension Programme JOSEPHITES IN THE COMMUNITY (JIC):

1. Relief activities for those affected in Natural Calamities. The student teachers and faculty collected clothes and other amenities for the people affected by landslides.

2. Visit to Special School on 23/01/2018 by the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

3. Teaching Aids distribution in Deshabendhu School , Chathamma on 07/03/2018 by the Second year B.Ed student teachers.

4. Horizon Opened for Personality Development and Education ‘HOPE’ During the year 2016 -2017 the following programmes were conducted for the children at Children’s Home Kakanad
I. 20 B.Ed students of women’s cell visited Children’s Home Kakanad on 28/10/2017 and interacted with the inmates there and came to know of their needs.
II. Summer course from 7/05/2018 to 25/05/2018- 6 faculty and 53 students participated in it .the students were tutored in the basics of different chool subjects, value integrated classes were taken and games were organised.

5. The following programmes were conducted under ‘Jagaran’ :-
I. Awareness class on drug abuse was given to the B.Ed students on 22/1/2018 by Sri K Ganesh, Senior Grade Civil Excise Officer, and Resource Person of ”Vimukthi”, a Govt. Project against Drug Abuse, Excise Depatment. Malappuram. On the Same day the Journal “Jagaran” was released by Sri K Ganesh , which includes creative works of club members based on the theme Drug Abuse (lahari).
II. An awareness Programme was conducted on 06/02/2018 at Kalamasseri Govt. VHSS
III. Awareness Programme Conducted at VENNALA Govt. HSS on 07/02/2018
IV. An awareness Programme on Drug Abuse was conducted at Govt HS Mannamkandam, Adimali, Idukki (Dist) on Monday 12th February 2018 and also visited ChoorankuttanKudi and spoke to the ladies who use tobacco widely.
V. A resourceful talk was conducted in the college campus on 12/02/2018 by Sri K A Nelson, Deputy Commissioner and Sri. Job V T, Excise Department, Ernakulam and the logo of the Project Jagaran was also released by the Deputy Commissioner.

Obstacles Faced If Any And Strategies Adopted To Overcome Them:

The Program Jagaran was highly appreciated but due time constraints it could not be staged for all schools. It was decided to train more students for the same and deploy all of them

Impact Of The Practice:

Students grew in social responsibility. They developed social commitment and sensitivity towards the needs of others. Realised the need to be vigilant against the spread of the drug abuse.