Best Practices 2020-2021
We strive for the integral liberation of women through life oriented education, transforming the student to be responsible citizens who respond proactively to the global challenges with courage and commitment, build a just social order, and be stewards of this universe.

  1. The Extension activity Harnessing Optimism and Potential through Education ‘HOPE’ for providing education and opportunities to the weak and socially disadvantaged to help them lead empowered and fulfilling lives, was initiated by the institution in 2015. It is meant to cater to the needs of the
    children at Government children’s Home (Girls) , Kakanad, Ernakulam, a rehabilitation center for children (girls) in need of care and protection. Prior sanction from the District collector is sought and in consultation with the authorities of the Home, the programme for the year is chalked out. The
    programme is undertaken to engage the students of the Children’s Home fruitfully during the vacation helping them in their academics as well as helping to develop to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are applicable in real-world contexts.
    The objective of the practices are in tune with Sustainable Development Goal 4 which emphasizes on providing inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. :-
    i. To provide quality education and life skills training to girls at the Children’s Home
    ii. To provide safe, inclusive, and effective learning environments to the children of Govt. Childrens’ Home Kakanad by catering to their diverse needs.
    iii. To help the children realize their immense potential of success and build self confidence in them.
    iv. To utilize their abilities and resources to create a brighter future for all.
    v. To develop teachers who are sensitive to social issues and work for empowering the weaker sections of society for a sustainable future.
    Tutored the students of Govt . Children’s Home , Kakanad. The Alumnae were asked to contribute to the cause and four of them generously agreed to tutor the students at contract basis.
  2. ‘Jagaran’ means awakening is yet another extension programme initiated by the institution in 2017 and is in keeping with the Nasha Mukt Bharath Abhiyan launched by Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2020. It is a Drama based Drugs campaign enriched with interactive sessions like
    Music, Game, Quiz, and other activities that the children and youth can join which will popularize drug-free living. This programme is a simple, effective and a sincere initiative for awakening and empowering children and youth to choose a life without drugs. The play is based on a poem “laharikku Parayuvan ullathu” written by Sri K Ganesh, Senior Grade Civil Excise Officer, and Resource Person of ”Vimukthi”, a Govt. Project against Drug Abuse ,Excise Department, Malappuram. The poem reveals the severity of drug abuse. The thoughtful ideas are communicated to the audience through the central characters “lahari” (evil), drug prevention agent (Divine Power) and also through the characters like women, children, adults and the youth using the drugs and its aftermath. The length of the drama is 30 minutes duration including an interactive session. This package against Drug Abuse is a noble endeavour to educate the children and youth about the dangers of drugs and what havoc it can do to an individual .As we know, more and more people, are falling a prey to this social evil, specially the school going children and youth, so, we as teachers have a key role in the society to be educators against substance abuse.
    The objective of the practices are:-
    i.To save the youth from drug abuse
    ii.To create a drug free society
    iii. To increase the participation of school students and the youth in campaign against Drug abuse.
    iv.To create a Nasha Mukt Bharath
    Webinar series for the parents of the students of various teaching practice schools started from November 14th 2020. Webinar series was inaugurated by Sri Ashok Kumar T.A., Deputy commissioner, Excise Commission, Ernakulam. Theme for the webinar series was “Effective use of Mobile phones: Involvement of parents.”. Webinar series was planned in 4 sections of 1.5 hours duration and Sri Jayaraj Circle inspector of Excise Department was the resource person for all the four sections. The webinar series were conducted as a google meet and the meet link was provided to the parents. The parents of the students of the following schools participated on the dates
    listed below :
    a. V.H.S.S. Edappally & St. Joseph H.S.S. Koonamavu-14.11.2020- 100 parents
    b. Rani Matha Public School,Ernakulam-22.11.2020- 80parents
    c. Govt. High School,Thiruvankulam and Govt. U.P. Schools, Vilangu – 29.11.2020- 56 parents
    d. Infant Jesus Public School -13.12.2020- 96 parents
    Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome them Due to the pandemic situation could not conduct the usual HOPE and JAGARAN . But this was decided to be made good in the forth coming years by changing over to the online mode of conduct of these programmes.
    Impact of the practice:
    Students developed social values, empathy and ecoconsciousness and realized
    that they could contribute the little they can for the betterment of the society.